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Nico & Vinz in Concert – House of Blues Orlando (Recap)

I had the pleasure of seeing Nico & Vinz in concert when they toured in May 2015 and let me tell you, it was fantastic!

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Nico & Vinz in Concert – House of Blues Orlando, FL (May 2015)

These two guys are so admirable and looking at where they started from simple beginnings in Norway, to now with their first American tour, is truly inspiring. The opening acts were great, and when Nico and Vinz came on, it was non-stop energy for their entire performance.

They sounded good live; their songs and the messages were carried across well and they related to the crowd. They were also very humble in speaking to everyone.

I hope they continue to remain true to themselves as their career evolves in the industry. Their music is a breath of fresh air. There is substance in their music, the tunes are catchy and different (a mesh of various genres), and the melodies and lyrics stick with you.

Hopefully, you can see them in concert one day if you haven’t already, because it’s worth it. I would recommend going to see them if they ever come to your city and I’m quite picky with the concerts I attend.

Also, if you haven’t yet, you should listen to their album Black Star Elephant. You will enjoy the journey it takes you on, which is different, especially with the mixed genres.

Photos from concert

Even more recently, their new music video Fresh Idea, which they performed at the concert, came out on July 1st. You will love it:

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