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Film Music Instrumental + Short Fiction Story

This was in fact, one of the last instrumentals I created and shared publicly. Since I’ve redone the website, I had to start over on blogging, so I’m sharing it here again:

Night-Enchanted – Instrumental

I ended up creating this while playing around with my keyboard and music software. I didn’t have any set tune in mind, just that I wanted a bit of a theatrical sound. So, I went with the feeling I had at the time. I wanted to make something that matched the drums I was playing around with. I found some good theatrical drum loops/samples and layered them with some of my own drum patterns I created. The rest I composed myself from scratch (strings, piano etc.).

Music is like my outlet, so most times the songs I make reflect my mood or emotions at the time. As you can maybe hear, the tune has a bit of dramatics but it’s mostly tranquil. I wasn’t sad or happy at the time, just relaxed and daydreaming so it has a bit of a fantasy feel too.

In that daydream, I came up with the short fictional story that goes along with the composition. Clear your mind and step into this fictional world for a few minutes. Hope you enjoy :D.

P.S I will begin sharing my creations again soon…

Till next time!


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