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Nico & Vinz in Concert – House of Blues Orlando (Recap)

I had the pleasure of seeing Nico & Vinz in concert when they toured in May 2015 and let me tell you, it was fantastic! These two guys are so admirable and looking at where they started from simple beginnings in Norway, to now with their first American tour, is truly […]

NEW – not so new – Instrumental: Steel Vibe (FREE Download)

Hi there! 😀 It’s been some time since I’ve posted any type of instrumental / music creation online anywhere. I want to say it’s been at least a year. You know, the classic excuse ‘life got in the way’ yada yada. That’s no excuse to keep you from doing what […]

Music that’s currently part of my workflow and why

It is very seldom these days that I purchase music or albums. Why? Because while it is good to support the artists and their crafts, with services like Spotify, Pandora and Songza to name a few, streaming your favorite music is just as sufficient. The music industry has, for the […]

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Film Music Instrumental + Short Fiction Story

This was in fact, one of the last instrumentals I created and shared publicly. Since I’ve redone the website, I had to start over on blogging, so I’m sharing it here again: Night-Enchanted – Instrumental I ended up creating this while playing around with my keyboard and music software. I […]