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Music that’s currently part of my workflow and why

Source:  Stock Photo - Image ID: 100234101
Source: Stock Photo – Image ID: 100234101

It is very seldom these days that I purchase music or albums. Why? Because while it is good to support the artists and their crafts, with services like Spotify, Pandora and Songza to name a few, streaming your favorite music is just as sufficient.

The music industry has, for the most part, digitized itself and artists are left to adjust to the change. If there is an artist I truly like, I would not mind going to see them perform live. Moreover, owning a tangible studio copy of their album is rare.

However, there are a few artists who still make the cut for me when it comes to purchasing music. Now, this can change as my musical interests change, but currently, I would like to share with you the music that I incorporate into my workflow and everyday life and give you the reason for my choices.

This list is based on musical taste / preference. I encourage you to try these but also be willing to create your own. You will ultimately discover which music genres / artists / songs affect you in different ways, depending on your mood and situation. It is quite interesting and fun when you begin to learn the compositions, melodies and frequencies that trigger certain moods and mind functions within you.

  • Nico and Vinz – Black Star Elephant: Soulful, motivating, positive and uplifting music that puts you in a good mood.
  • Linkin’ ParkAll major album releasesI consider this my music therapy. Everyone has those artists who create songs that dig deep in the recesses of their emotions and somehow, no matter the mood, occasion or situation, you are able to find some form of healing through listening to their songs. Linkin’ Park is that for me.
  • Yuna – Overall music with a few selected favorites: When I need the softer female vocals to give me a content, jovial and positive upliftment, I listen to Yuna.
  • Pharrell: Because his music makes me ‘Happy.’ [pun intended]
  • Electronic Mix PlaylistFor the times of ‘I don’t care anymore, it’s whatever, I’m just getting this done.’
    • Artists in this mix include, but are not limited to: Daft punk, Disclosure, Rustie, Alex Metric, Jacques Greene, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Skrillex, Nero & Magnetic Man.
  • YirumaModern day classical Korean pianist – This helps me concentrate and stay focused. Classical music does wonders for the mind. I listen to quite a few Classical artists old and new but Yiruma’s albums are on repeat right now.
  • Anime Soundtracks / Drama OSTsWhen I need a break and need to get back to my happy place – usually accompanies light workloads that don’t take much brain power.
  • Asian Zen Music – When I need to find my center and calm down.
  • K-Pop – Various Artists – For warm ups and wind-downs when I’m about to face the day or certain situations.
  • N’Sync – Yes this is on my list: For whenever I need a trip down memory lane back to my carefree, fun, childhood days.

And there you have it. A small snapshot of some of the music I listen to currently.

My most recent concert was Linkin’ Park – The Hunting Party Tour – Live at the Amway on 01.15.2015. They were great!

What music or artists do you listen to and why? Post your responses in the comments below.

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