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NEW – not so new – Instrumental: Steel Vibe (FREE Download)

Hi there! 😀

It’s been some time since I’ve posted any type of instrumental / music creation online anywhere. I want to say it’s been at least a year. You know, the classic excuse ‘life got in the way’ yada yada. That’s no excuse to keep you from doing what you love most in life right? For me, that’s creating. My choice of creation above all else just happens to be music.

To be honest, I kind of lost interest for a while. Again, no excuse considering I am a multi-instrumentalist and I have a Recording Arts Degree. But with every creator, you do eventually hit some type of ‘creator’s block’ (spin off from ‘writer’s block’.) Hey it happens. If you’re an artist, it happens, whether that’s in painting, designing, composing or some other form of art. We are, after all, human – we are not perfect.

So, in an attempt to rekindle the flow, I began searching through old files of all my ‘unfinished’ products. And while this instrumental was not the one I intended to finish, after listening to it, I instantly got the tune for the transition into the chorus stuck in my head. Hence, after two years of starting this one, I present to you:

Steel Vibe Instrumental (a Caribbean blend of Steel Pan, Percussions and Piano Motif)

I hope you enjoy it enough to download here at High Quality:

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