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What is Love? – Poem

What is love?
Love is, a word made up of four letters from the alphabet
Well yes but, not really.
Maybe it’s a chemical imbalance in the brain.
Maybe not.
But, it is scientifically defined,
As the ‘chemistry of love’ which stems from our minds.
It would seem appropriate if we could deem it as just that.
And not look at the facts…
That love is the one word that can’t truly be defined.
Because for every single person,
It has a different meaning,
A different purpose,
A different worth,
A different mind.
Love is – everything.
Love is – nothing
Love is loving yourself.
Love is an investment of your time and feelings,
On another person or persons.
They could be your family, friends,
The ‘object of your affection.’
It’s accepting the good with the bad.
It’s learning to appreciate what you never had.
It’s accepting the flaws and learning to deal.
It’s knowing what the words ‘I love you’ truly mean.
It’s fighting and arguments,
Name-calling and regrets.
It’s apologizing and making up,
And sometimes just wanting to scream ‘shut up!’
It’s knowing that the only reason you’re even enduring,
Is because you couldn’t do without,
That person, that defining factor in your life,
Who is responsible for your heartache.
But at the same time,
That person makes your happiness soar to immeasurable heights.
Love is, late night phone calls, whispered promises,
Verbal and physically affection.
Love is, jealously, selfishness, greed and envy.
Love is tears, lies, smiles and truths.
Love is power.
Love is weakness.
Love is a coward.
Love is a brute.
Love can be dangerous.
Love can be a thrill.
Love is – everything.
Love is, nothing – if not a major pain at times.
But the relief is sweet, like a drug fix,
Because love is an addiction.
A feeling of being complete,
Or being wanted, desired by another.
Love is risking your life for another,
Or fighting to keep that special someone in your life.
Love is a shattered heart when things don’t work out,
Because you feel like you’ve lost,
A part of you in the separation.
Love is joy, hope and humility.
Love teaches appreciation,
But doesn’t prevent you from taking things for granted.
Most importantly, love is you and love is me.
Love is everything you can see, feel, hear and believe,
But nothing you can’t understand.
Because then, that’s not love per say,
But the confusion of trying to understand,
What love really is.

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So, what is love?
This question can be answered in numerous ways.
For every person has their own definition of what love is.
But for me, love is everything and love is nothing.
Because only you have the power to measure,
The various emotions you feel and predict,
Which one love is, among the rest.
It will be the one, that’s the strongest.
And from that emotion, the others usually follow –
Anger, Pain, Joy, Excitement
And the list could go on.
Love is the center of our core.
It’s fuel to our other emotions.
Even the coldest people love.
It’s just that we may not know,
Or understand their love.
But, it’s there, like a tiny seed hidden deep within the folds
Waiting to take root or blossoming into a flower, filling the soul.
Because if we didn’t love, we wouldn’t really exist.
Since God is Love
And Love is sometimes everything,
As well as sometimes nothing.


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