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Oceanic Dreams

For the moments when you need to get away, For the moments when you need to find yourself again. For the moments when ‘stay calm’ is your mantra, For the moments when you entertain the notion of ‘happily ever after.’ For the moments when laughter is not enough. For the […]

What is Love? – Poem

What is love? Love is, a word made up of four letters from the alphabet Well yes but, not really. Maybe it’s a chemical imbalance in the brain. Maybe not. But, it is scientifically defined, As the ‘chemistry of love’ which stems from our minds. It would seem appropriate if […]

Guardian Angel – Poem

This is a little short story in the form of a poem I wrote a while back. I hope that for anyone who reads it you will have an open mind and enjoy. Guardian Angel Definition: A spiritual being attendant upon God. She hovers over him watching with care, As […]