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Inspiration – Where Does It Come From?

I sometimes end up asking myself this question. It usually happens when Iʼm stuck in a creative block. No matter how hard I try, the right words (if Iʼm writing) or the right notes (if itʼs music related), donʼt come the way I want them to.

Well, for me, I gather inspiration from a number of places. Below, youʼll find a simple list of things Iʼd suggest (mainly because Iʼve tried them at some point), in order to rekindle that creative spark. Because letʼs face it, every now and then our creative juices run out and when that happens we need to find ways to recharge so we can get going again.

  • Read – I know not everyone loves to read. I love to read. And really, it doesnʼt have to be a super complex novel or textbook or other. It could be a simple magazine that you gain entertainment from or even a book filled with interesting photos. It could be fiction, or a book about poetry. It could be any reading material that would make you happy and put a smile on your face. You never know. You could end up being inspired that way.
  • Listen to music – Music is universal. If needed, it could break down all language and cultural barriers. Itʼs a way of expression. Itʼs something that you may end up being able to relate to. Music has a way of tuning into our emotions. There are songs that uplift us and make us happy; there are those that make us sad; there are also songs that make us hyper or angry and everything in between. So, listening to music can do wonders for your frame of mind, your spirit and just your mood in general. Sometimes it may simply take that change of mood or song content to give you the inspiration you need.
  • Take a break; go out; do something different or familiar – Sometimes, we spend too much time trying to fine-tune and perfect our work and in the process we end up frustrated, stressed out and may even lose sight of our initial goal. When that happens, stepping away from it and doing something else can help. Take a walk or cook your favorite meal. You could even do a little exercise or if you have a pet, go ahead and give him or her some attention. Watch some television or call a friend or relative to talk. Youʼll find that when you step away for a bit and distract yourself, you can head back to your work with a new outlook and refreshed attitude.
  • Engage in your favorite thing – Whatever makes you feel happy, alive, upbeat, try using that to boost your mood and give yourself a positive outlook. Sometimes, the simplest things can get us motivated again. Itʼs not always easy, but if you have a place or moment you can tap into that makes you happy, by all means, have that ʻyou time.ʼ You never know when inspiration could hit from simply doing your favorite thing like possibly taking photos or going for a drive, or visiting your favorite place, etc.
  • If all else fails, get a second point of view – If you feel like youʼve tried everything under the sun to gain inspiration but nothing changes, how about asking someone whom you know and trust for some advice and maybe even constructive criticism? It may not be your preferred choice but as the saying goes, sometimes, ʻtwo heads are better than one.ʼ

I hope this helped in giving you some insight into possible things you could try when you stumble into a creative block.

For me, my favorite would be to watch dramas/shows/anime or read manga. Those always give me joy, especially the comedic ones. I also listen to music a lot to lift my spirits. Everyone has their thing. So, whatʼs yours? How do you stay inspired or where do you gain inspiration from when you need it?

Till next time.

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