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Recommended Korean Drama – Cinderella and Four Knights – 신데렐라와 네 명의 기사

Cinderella Four Knights
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Cinderella and Four Knights

There is a trend you will notice in a lot of these dramas if you are an avid fan. Ever so often, you will stumble upon or deliberately choose to look at the typical ‘lower class,’ ‘down on her luck’ heroine who is the center of attention and surrounded by one or a group of very handsome, rich men.

It is a theme that has been consistently repeated and yet, it doesn’t get old. Why? Because at one point in our lives, we have all dreamt of our ideal ‘prince charming’ who would whisk us away to our very own ‘happily ever after.’ Or, vice versa if you are a male. 😉 It’s the feel-good moments you get from watching these type of fluffy dramas filled with chaos and misunderstandings that make them remain so popular.

Cinderella and Four Knights is exactly that kind of drama. It’s tooth-achingly cute and cliché, but you can’t help yourself and you keep watching until you realize you’ve made it to the very last second of the very last episode. Not to mention the ‘love-pentagon’ in this is spectacularly entertaining.

If you need to simply unwind, relax and enjoy something light and entertaining, you will enjoy this drama.

The story centers around the main female lead Eun Ha-Won (Park So-Dam) who is struggling to earn enough money by working multiple part-time jobs so she can go to college and fulfill her deceased mother’s wishes of becoming a teacher. In the midst of her struggles, she ends up meeting the three heirs to an enormous empire on different occasions. In the drama they are cousins who are spoiled and live in the popular mansion called Sky House. They are known as Kang Ji-Woon (Jung Il-Woo) a.k.a ‘the bad boy,’ Kang Hung-Min (Ahn Jae-Hyeon) a.k.a ‘the playboy,’ and Kang Seo-Woo (Lee Jung-Shin) a.k.a ‘the musician and artist.’

During these encounters with the three cousins, Eun Ha-Won rouses the interest of the guys’ grandfather who is the current CEO and owner to their inheritance. He likes Eun-Ha Won’s ‘no nonsense’ attitude with his grandsons and decides to employ her to work with them and hopefully help change their bad behavior and bring them together as a family. Eun-Ha Won ends up living at Sky House with the cousins and that’s when all of the drama begins to unfold.

If you enjoy romantic comedies, you will enjoy this drama. Give it a try.

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