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Happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for?

What am I thankful for? I’m thankful for … The fact that I am still around The little things in life My family who have stuck by me and helped me in any way they could over the years My strong mother who has faced many hardships but still manages […]

Radio Ad – Created for Chatter Buzz Media – Orlando, FL

I had the pleasure of creating an Online Radio Ad for Chatter Buzz Media, an Orlando Digital Marketing firm. It was a 30 second spot for an online talk show featuring the core services the company offers. They’re a great agency and the staff was a pleasure to work with. […]

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Recommended Drama – Master’s Sun – 주군의 태양

There seems to be a theme going on with Korean dramas right now. It’s the season for supernatural dramas, specifically those featuring powers where at least one of the main leads can see ghosts / spirits. This is just my opinion though since there are currently two dramas I am […]

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Unspoken Desires: An Artist and His Muse – Part 1 of 2

Author’s Note: I am not a professional writer by any means, neither am I an ‘editor.’ But, I still enjoy fiction and reading novels and short stories so I wanted to also share my own creations. Rating: PG (because there are some suggestive situations / descriptions) Enjoy!   There she […]

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Film Music Instrumental + Short Fiction Story

This was in fact, one of the last instrumentals I created and shared publicly. Since I’ve redone the website, I had to start over on blogging, so I’m sharing it here again: Night-Enchanted – Instrumental I ended up creating this while playing around with my keyboard and music software. I […]