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Anime Rewind – Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun

Spoiler Alert!


Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East makes it onto this anime rewind segment. This anime centers on the supernatural. It actually premiered in January of 2013 and was later english dubbed.

What’s unique about this anime is the story premise. We get a glimpse into the past, five years prior to the setting of the story. In that time, an entire village burns down, leaving only three survivors who happened to be children. The three children are known as Shino, Hamaji and Souske. Fast forward to the present, after surviving that ordeal, the children are shown living together at a church in a small village.

The imperial church in this anime has quite the unique setting. At times, you are left wondering if they are really the ‘good guys.’ There is a slightly twisted nature to the people you meet that belong to the church. They also take interest in Shino and his friends and seek them out by kidnapping Hamaji, which prompts Shino and Souske to travel to the imperial city to save her. It is there that they meet the dean of the church Satomi Rio who enlists Shino and by default Souske on a unique quest.

He is also the one who five years prior saved the three by granting Shino the power of “Murasame,” the demon blade containing “life.” This demon blade saved Shino by stopping time for him causing him to not age. Souske was also saved from that fire but it was in a manner that caused him to lose a piece of his soul.

The mystery surrounding the characters lies in the unique birthmarks and powers they are granted / developed.

Shino soon learns that their existence stems from an ancient tale where he, Souske and six others are reincarnations from a past life. In their current life they are the ‘bead holders.’

So, what’s the ancient tale that ties them together you ask? Why is Shino by the request of Satomi sent out to find the other bead holders? What is Murasame’s nature really and why is he feared yet his power desired? What becomes of the missing piece of Souske’s soul? Learn the answers to all these questions and more by giving this anime a chance. I promise you will enjoy season one and two. It ends on a good note so while there may be a few loose ends, it does not leave you hanging, which is why I recommend this anime.

CLICK HERE to watch the episodes now on Crunchyroll + press play to view one of the opening theme songs below:

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