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Recommended Drama: Last Cinderella – ラスト♡シンデレラ

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Sometimes I go through these phases of not watching any drama to randomly searching one out and watching episodes back-to-back. This was one of those times. I switch between Viki and Drama Fever a lot and while I like Viki’s community better, I prefer the search features on Drama Fever. So, I usually search there first.

Luckily for me, I happened to stumble upon a great gem while searching. At first, when I read the description I thought it would be your average romantic comedy with the slightly awkward girl falling for the hot guy. While that scenario did not disappoint, I will admit that after giving the first episode a try I was hooked. So what did I do? I kept watching and watching, until I made it to the last episode (episode 11) and realized, this drama was actually really good.

Hence, my recommendation. Korean dramas are my favorite, but Japanese dramas come in at a close second. Last Cinderella is a Japanese drama centered around this odd and quirky female of 39 years who is innocent in the ways of love and is very much a tomboy. While she improves slightly towards the end with the tomboy charm, the character still remains true to herself. There is no major makeover like you see in most dramas with this theme. Yes, they show her softer, more girly sides at times, but the initial factor which causes the men around her to fall for her is her personality.

Her straightforward, blindingly honest and innocent to the point of being naive personality charmed the two male leads (Hiroto – main love interest and Rintaro – her boss) into submission. And thus, the story is centered around the female lead Sakura exploring her femininity and first steady relationship in ten years with the much younger, slightly immature 24 year old Hiroto. There is also that tiny love triangle with Rintaro and while I liked him, I was rooting for Hiroto of course.

It’s anything but a fairytale since there are quite a few emotional moments. However, you can’t help but fall in love with the characters and all of their flaws. While the age difference may not be for all, it does go to show you that love comes in all ages, shapes and sizes. It is not prejudice nor is it a ‘walk in the park,’ but it can happen even to the least expected individual.

Want to give this one a try? Check out this teaser fan-made video of the drama below and CLICK HERE to watch the first episode on


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